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     Foliage in Watercolor : Green on Green on Green

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Foliage DVD

This comprehensive instructional DVD gives a broad and exciting approach to painting foliage. Cathy Quiel, a self-confessed colorist, shares her expertise in painting foliage in her vibrant and loose style There is a strong emphasis on creating depth and volume in painting foliage while producing vibrant and exciting color changes.

The DVD includes numerous demonstrations of different trees and flowers, the creation of multiple spatial layers of foliage, techniques in creating textures and reclaiming whites. Also included are examples and charts of common pitfalls and helpful reminders in drawing trees. She will answer the age old question - Do I paint the sky or the tree first" and "How do I layer bush on tree on orchard without creating a muddy mess?"

  • DVD - Full of techniques, lessons and fun with Cathy Quiel. (54 minutes)

  • Bio & Palette Pages-Multi-page Bio and list of paint colors / brands used

  • Quick Scene selection- Jump to different lessons in seconds.

  • Superior to VHS and competitively priced.


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Foliage DVD Video Preview


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Foliage DVD

The instructional DVD, Foliage in Water, is packed with vibrant step by step lessons on how to paint a variety of foliage trees, bushes and flowers. The interactive format allows the viewer to jump between lessons and view additional bonus features in the menu.

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Just half an hour from noisy, bustling Milan, Lake Como is a jewel-like oasis of tranquillity, a magical combination of lush Mediterranean foliage and snowy alpine peaks.

Limited Edition Reproductions

Here are my Giclees of my favorite work that has recieved the most praise from galleries and art shows.

Cathy Quiel
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