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Updated 6/1/2013



“I am dramatically drawn to high contrast in light and shadow.  The subject matter is not as important to me as the effect of the light source and the resulting shadows.

By designing large spaces of shaded areas/ shadows, I am offered the opportunity to do what I love to do best - create luminous darks, rich in temperature change and value gradation. My artistic goal is to take my paintings beyond simply describing the subject matter.  My intention is to create a mood or narration about the subject matter or it’s environment.  I utilize color schemes, linear direction, textures or formats to reinforce my desired mood or narration.  Decisions made, the fun begins…splashing watercolor.” 

Montecito Magazine Fall 2009 

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Foliage DVD

The instructional DVD, Foliage in Water, is packed with vibrant step by step lessons on how to paint a variety of foliage – trees, bushes and flowers. The interactive format allows the viewer to jump between lessons and view additional bonus features in the menu.

Italy Workshops

Just half an hour from noisy, bustling Milan, Lake Como is a jewel-like oasis of tranquillity, a magical combination of lush Mediterranean foliage and snowy alpine peaks.

Limited Edition Reproductions

Here are my Giclees of my favorite work that has recieved the most praise from galleries and art shows.

Cathy Quiel
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