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     Palette of Cathy Quiel

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Winsor Newton Art Materials

Prussian Blue
Cool blue, strong in mixtures, staining, makes beautiful and full range greens with New Gamboge , utilize as my accent dark

New Gamboge
One of the most translucent yellows, mixes with Quinacridone Coral to make a luscious orange that is vibrant with no grit or opaqueness

Permanent Alizarin Crimson
Cool warm, strong in mixture, beautiful when mixed with Quinacridone Sienna.

Winsor Violet
Warm cool, very very staining, incredibly rich vibrant color, utilize often in underpainting of shadows with Prussian Blue, direct complement to New Gamboge.


Daniel Smith Art Supplies

Quinacridone Gold
Similar to yellow ochre in color, a bit more vibrant, marvelous that it has no opaque grit, is translucent and can be used repeatedly in a glaze and will not create mud

Quinacridone Sienna
Warm earth tone, no grit, translucent. Can be created by mixing Quinacridone Coral & Gold together.

Quinacridone Coral
Warm warm, glowing, makes terrific orange with New Gamboge or Quinacridone Gold

Pthalo Turquoise
Warm cool, intense turquoise, seems to dry a little darker, mixes beautifully with Quinacridone Coral to make a rich violet

Occasional use:
Thalo Blue (Graham), Opera (Holbein), Quinacridone Magenta (Daniel Smith), French Ultramarine (Daniel Smith), Ultramarine Blue (Graham)


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Foliage DVD

The instructional DVD, Foliage in Water, is packed with vibrant step by step lessons on how to paint a variety of foliage trees, bushes and flowers. The interactive format allows the viewer to jump between lessons and view additional bonus features in the menu.

Italy Workshops

Just half an hour from noisy, bustling Milan, Lake Como is a jewel-like oasis of tranquillity, a magical combination of lush Mediterranean foliage and snowy alpine peaks.

Limited Edition Reproductions

Here are my Giclees of my favorite work that has recieved the most praise from galleries and art shows.

Cathy Quiel
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